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Pretty Girls Come in All Sizes

EGL_Plus: Lolita Fashion For Sizes 12 and Up
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egl_plus is the first community for girls sizes 12 US and up to discuss lolita fashion, post pictures, and share stories and links.

This community is size-positive, so anyone can join and be supportive. We won't bash you for being a size 2, but the focus here is on plus-sized girls.

General Rules:


2. Please read the Plus Size Lolita Shopping Guide by faerydragonet before asking fit questions. Another very useful tool is the Lolita Indie Brand List by phamalama, located at http://goo.gl/acaHW

3. If your question can't be answered by reading the Plus Size Lolita Shopping Guide, please use the community search or browse the tags found on the left sidebar of the community.

4. This is a community for girls above US size 12 interested in wearing or learning about Japanese lolita fashion. Please DO post pictures and discussions about Japanese lolita fashion. However, off-topic discussion is not allowed. While all lolita fashion topics will be considered on-topic, please try to focus on the aspects involved for plus-sized fans of the style. For general lolita discussion, check out egl.

5. Treat all fellow members with courtesy and respect. This means no trolling, flame-baiting, or flaming. If you're about to say, "That dress makes you look like a rhino that got rolled up in tablecloth fabric.", then STOP, take a deep breath, and re-phrase it constructively or say nothing at all. Courtesy and criticism are not mutually exclusive. This also means that if you have an issue with a member for any reason, bring it to a mod. Anyone found breaking this rule for any reason will be given a temporary ban for their behavior.

6. Introduction posts ARE allowed. And 100% encouraged- as long as it includes a photo of you in Lolita. Please, say hi and post pictures when you join! Keep intro photos over 400x400 under a cut to save space on our friends pages :)
If you'd like, use this template:
Size (very optional):
How you got into lolita:
Picture of you in lolita style:

7. No community promotion spam. As much as we're all dying to join your rating community for people who like strawberry candy canes and Jimmy Buffett, all community promotions must be related to lolita fashion. Please check with one of the moderators to see if your community promo is appropriate.

8. Because we are a community interested in promoting healthy body image, it is recommended that diet talk be restricted to loli_weightloss.

9. DIRECT SALES POSTS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED IN THIS COMMUNITY. You may post a link to a sales post on egl_comm_sales, an eBay auction, or an Etsy or Storenvy store, provided that you are actually selling plus-sized Lolita clothing there (minimum 38" bust and 30" waist, and must fall within Lolita guidelines).

10. No replica discussion or reviews, and you may not link to a sale of a replica. Lookalike items are fine, but anything with a stolen logo, brand name, or artwork is not allowed in this community. Period.