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it's burger time

Yesterday the Philly Lolitas had a meetup! But unfortunately I hadn't charged my camera and all of my sister's pictures turned out incredibly crappy. So for now I will just show you pictures of my outfit that I took with my camera afterwards, like the True Miss Diva I am. Later the other girls will share their photos; don't worry!

I am very excited because sakurafairy made a burger necklace for me and it matches my dress perfectly!


Plz ignore my lazy left eye. I am like the Paris Hilton of lolita with that thing. >.<

I love this dress to death, I really do. There's something about the silhouette, though, something a little weird...

It gives me boob loaf. ;-;

I come alive at night to kill small children.

Hello I like to take blurry photos and put them on interburger.

Dress and headbow by Innocent World, blouse and burger necklace by sakurafairy, boots by Montreal.

Con crit is always welcome, but if the con crit is "You look pregnant in this dress", all I can say is that I have a big belly and look pregnant in everything. At this point it is like saying, "You look Caucasian in that dress." :D I also know that I would look better in a commissioned outfit, which is why I do commission things from people.

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