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Pink Apron + Suigin Tou Cosplay For DS.

I bought this pink apron from In the Starlight, but the blouse I was going to wear with it didn't fit so this is unworn (and it's too big for me). This was made for a 36" waist and it has snaps on the back of the straps so that you can criss-cross it behind your back. If you're willing to remove the snaps and reposition them (which is pretty easy) this could fit smaller or larger waist sizes.

Main Image Here

Additional Photos:
Close Up of Bodice
Close Up of Pocket

Originally bought here (Heart Apron with Heart Pockets).
Please make an offer--I bought it for $38 plus shipping, but I'm willing to let it go for a little cheaper.


Also: Unworn Rozen Maiden (Suigintou) cosplay
I have a cosplay made by Tssy2005 that was made for roughly a 42" bust, 34" waist.

This is the picture from the seller tssy2005...i can't find the picture i had of me trying it on, but if you want more pictures I can take them later. =)


It looks just like the picture and comes with an overcoat, overskirt, underdress, collar, and headdress. The front has corset lacing (it looks solid in the picture)--it's very, very accurate to what she actually wears in the show, all the way up to the few laces at the back of the neck of the overcoat.

I'd like to sell it for $100 shipped--which does not reflect the quality at all, but I only paid like $110 for it so I wouldn't want to overcharge.
The set is an overcoat, overskirt, underdress, headdress, and collar.
The construction is extremely good and I definitely reccomend Tssy2005 (who I bought it from).


If I can sell the cosplay, I'll probably be selling a pair of Montreal shoes as well and a F + F blouse and perhaps a pair of Supert3ch bloomers.

P.S. I wasn't sure if a Rozen Maiden cosplay would be allowed here 'cause it's cosplay, but it's gothic lolita influenced...so sorry if it's not. >.>
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