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I was super excited to hear that Haenuli was offering this! but of course, there's a catch. they need to get 15 reservations for their OP,JSK, and skirt in XL and 1X. If they don't get that much, then they will cancel all orders for these dresses, and will not offer these sizes in the future.
This is the link to the Facebook event to keep track of who's ordered and other news:

And these are the links to Haenuli's storenvy:
14 November 2014 @ 06:22 pm
Hey, so I have a problem, I recently gained a bit of weight during a stressful period in my work and academic life and I also moved across the country to live with my fiancé which wasn't easy either. Anyhow, enough venting. After months of not having time to really wear Lolita. I tried on a dress to go out with my fiancé and then another and then a blouse and skirt. I realised that I've gotten bigger. I didn't really notice it while I was wearing nothing but T-shirts and skirts with stretch waistbands. I have a bust that has always been significantly larger than the rest of my figure. But now I'm 104-106cm (34 H bra,size)around the bust and a 83-85cm or so waist (size 10 in jeans) My main problem is that even though some pieces finally fit my waist, zipper won't go past my chest and buttons are about pop. I heard chest binders help, but that sounds hot and uncomfortable, and I've heard they can be dangerous and I don't want to look flat, I want to look womanly. I also heard somethings, about bullet bras helping a lot because they lift the breast dramatically but I don't think they minimize so I'm skeptical. I have two minimizers and they hardly do a thing. I just need advice and help. I don't feel plus-sized in plain clothes but I'm having plus-sized lolita problems which is a little upsetting
12 November 2014 @ 11:03 pm
I just recently bought the most beautiful Dear Celine JSK off LaceMarket, kind of knowing that it might not fit my chest, but I needed to be sure (because gah, it's just too pretty).

I got it in the mail today and tried it on...which took quite the effort. The result: the most extreme, and I mean extreme, boob loaf ever made xD
I'll unfortunately have to resell it or keep it in my closet for a day down the road when I'm a few sizes smaller.

I was wondering, how many of you lovely ladies have experienced this?
What did you buy, in what way did it fail at fitting, and what did you end up doing about it?

The plus-loli-life isn't always tough like this, but it definitely is a challenge to master haha
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28 October 2014 @ 05:48 am
I'm really interested in getting Haenuli's Beauty and Beast JSK, but I'm not really crazy about the yellow. Would the shirring in the M fit my 98 cm bust without creating boobloaf?
15 September 2014 @ 04:56 pm
Hi guys! I've been stalking this comm for a long time now, but never posted. And after a lot of moves/sickness/general life sucky-ness I'm back to read but... No one writes here anymore?


So, I propose we revive this community! We all have the same struggles, so why don't we talk about it? C'mon guys, lets rebuild this comm better then it was before!

So heres a starter question; Whats your dream dress? Does it come in your size? If it doesn't, would you be willing to alter it/get a custom replica to have it?
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