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17 March 2015 @ 04:08 pm
Weight loss! And IW sizing question :)  
Hello! I have always been too shy to post, but I need to do this now. I was into lolita fashion about 6 years ago, when I was thinner and younger. And I really have wanted to go back and fit into my old clothing, but I seem to have lost the path on my way back.

And so... I have made a blog because I need some honesty, cheering, and constructive criticism for weight loss. I will never be a small size lolita, but I used to be much lighter and I was more at peace with my body. So anyone willing to support me, can you please join me on my journey? I want to be a lolita again, and I want to be comfortable enough in my own skin to do it and be fabulous!

Here is my blog: iwillfit-lolita.blogspot.mx

Any support and advice is much appreciated, and I will gladly return the favor ;) thank you, ladies!

Now that that's off my chest, my IW sizing question... I see that now, many IW pieces are made larger than they used to be, and I am so excited! I have always been "plus sized" for lolita, and have had my Pearl Beads JSK in my closet, unworn, for years :( but now many of their JSKs and such go up to 98 cm bust and 80 cm waist. Do any of you have experience with this? How accurate are the measurements? Thank you!
elliemielelliemiel on March 18th, 2015 04:47 pm (UTC)
Hi, thank you for your help! I think I read somewhere that OPs have more give in the shirring, is that true? I see quite a few that go up to even 118 cms so that seems great for me. I am aiming to lose weight and would probably be about an inch below their measurements when I get to my goal, so I'm hoping it won't look awkward by then. Thanks again!